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Paper or Plastic?

If your organization has been utilizing the labor-intensive, do-it-yourself sports pass process, you'll be excited to learn that you can provide your top supporters with a high quality plastic sports pass for dramatically less effort. The plastic all sports pass is an affordable alternative to single game tickets, season paper passes and season laminated passes.


Are you wasting money on an inferior product because you think plastic passes will cost too much?


How many times per year are you having to replace a paper pass because it was sent through the washer?


Are you looking for a superior, professional design that your patrons will get excited about?

Weather Proof

Are you tired of wasting time creating paper passes only to have the rain and weather destroy them?


Do you think a plastic sports pass is too thick for your patrons to store in their wallet?

Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you have a local business that would like to advertise on the back of your plastic sports passes?

Have you decided to make the switch to plastic?

Great Samples

Customize your plastic sports passes to fit your school

Get FREE Passes

If you would like advertising on the back of your season passes to pay for the cost of production, we can make this happen. The difference is that our service is tailored to your situation. We have found from our many years in the business that each school has special relationships that matter to them. Therefore, when we offer this custom service we first give the school an opportunity to decide which local business they want on the card, and to make the contact themselves. It is your choice how much you want to charge them; it can be just our cost, so you get the cards “FREE.” OR, depending on how many cards you have in circulation, you might charge more than our cost, in which case you make money on the deal. The difference is that under our program, YOU make the money, not the advertiser. If you do not want to make the call to your local business, we will make that call for you if you let us know which local vendors you would like to offer this opportunity to.

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Take your Athletic Department to the Next Level

PayK12 offers a complete athletic solution. Provide a convenient online storefront for your community to purchase tickets and passes 24/7. Keep your lines moving with innovative scanning technology, scan general admission tickets, online tickets, plastic passes, student ID's and mobile tickets. Access the admin portal from anywhere and view the most comprehensive reports available.

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